Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year Fishing In Key West

2006 all ready?

Wasn't it just 96 yesterday!?

Time fly's when your having fun, flats fishing in the lower Florida Keys adds years to your life.

Sportfishing anywhere will do it, we are looking forward to January's Cobia on the flats and big Jacks and Pompano in the basins.
The Barracudas are showing up in the skinny water and provide a lot of Tooffy action for spinning and fly rodders.

Todays treat for me was a cute little 12yr old girl that told me about the 5lb 5 ounce rainbow Trout she caught when she was 5 years old.

So now she can brag about the 12lb Barracuda she got in the 12th month of her 12th year.

She thought that was real cool!

We were looking for Cobia on the flats but, todays tide sequence just didnt jive with our's
so, it will have to be tomorrow.

I gained some time fishing with that kid and her dad today.