Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Here comes summer

Wow 80ish and 86% humidity....those Tarpon will be rolling into town for an inshore feast.

Ten days ago I was in SOCKS, now its sunscreen and maybe maybe its spring in the Lower Florida Keys.

I'm sure we'll see some more cool fronts but I've the Tarpon itch and will go to the backcountry to welcome my pals.

Shakespeare sent a few new Custom Graphite rods that should do a good job of whippen those rascals.

Dusting off the Sage's and Tibor's for launching chicken feathers into the open maw's of the new arrivals.

Fetch my horse squire!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Clouds Foil Permit but Tarpon Respond

Lots of high clouds mean low chances for shot at Permit on the Key West flats.

We dont have a lot of total cloud cover days but it does happen, this is one of those days!

After a two hours of chrome sky we threw in the towel and went sniffen for "Floater Permit " or Tarpon in the little rivers.

Our efforts paid off with two nice 70+ lb. Tuskers that gave us some trouble on light rods.

One was gone after 3-4 jumps and zero bowing of the rod, but the other we managed to get up to the boat.

We were rewarded with a jump almost into the boat and a good saltwater shower that managed to wet all!

Gone but not forgotten was Mr. Tarpon

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Springing into Tarpon Fishing

I'm building the last of the Barracuda Tube lure's for 07 and have 3 big bags of Tarpon Gurgler Flies just itchen to get wet.

Only the end of Febuary and March promises more Pompano, Cobia and Barracuda but, the Permit and Tarpon fishing will be sneaking up on us very soon.

A lot of my regular guy's are calling or e-mailing to make sure we have our dates planted, they have had enough of winter in the east and mid west and dull the pain by thinking about Tarpon and Duval St. Pina Colada's.

Permit will march into March first, they tolerate a little cooler water than Mr.Tarpon.

We saw a few Tarpon poken their heads up this morning but they are still a little cold and didnt care to play.

Planning a sock burning party for March 15th.

Chaser Key West Fishing, Fly Fishing Report: Frosty Flats Fishing Key West

Chaser Key West Fishing, Fly Fishing Report: Frosty Flats Fishing Key West

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Frosty Flats Fishing Key West

Knit caps, Long Johns and SOCKS, I hate socks.

But January and lots of Febuary...I was in socks.

Febuary is all but over now and there's hope that the cold fronts are fewer hopefully, less of an impact.

The last few days have been in the mid 70's and the Permit are beginning to wander back to the flats.

Yesterday it was Barracudas and some Pompano and Bluefish, a few Permit shots too...just a few.

Todays strong southeasterly wind pushed up the water temps and encouraged more Permit to pop up for a crab sandwich.

One big boy maybe 26 lbs, pretending to be a Black Tip shark, was finely properly identified and force feed a juicy Florida Green Crab.

Smoken the drag and removing a 150 yards of braided line a few times before the Ol' guide could grab him by his tail and give him a brief warm up in the Key West Sun, a photo shoot and he was back over board to complain to his family about the Alien abduction.

Tomorrow will be more strong southeast wind warming the flats waters up and I'm sure some more Permit will challange our casting abilities.

March is next week and the Tarpon will begin to get as much attention as the Permit, maybe more.

Hate to see the Pompano start to fade as the water temps moderate but change is good.