Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Jacks Crashing bait on the Key West Flats

As we approached the flats west of Key West yesterday morning we could see a lot of birds diving and bait fish spraying.

When we got in a little closer we found big fish crashing into the bait fish schools
and sometimes charging right on to the flat.

We positioned the skiff up current of the schools and as they drew closer we were able to see that they were big Jack Creval's running 10-20lbs just tearing up the Broad Shads.

When they came charging by us, a quick launch with a Mylar Jig received instant abuse and so did the anglers, arse ol's and elbows, lots of screaming and a general Chinese Fire drill around the skiff.

Really nutty kid stuff but, lots of fun.

We lost track of how many we caught and after a hour or so, things calmed down and we went hunting.

We were rewarded with a half dozen very pretty Sea trout and a couple silver babies, AKA Pompano.

More big jacks and a shark fight kept us busy.

We forgot about the Permit fishing we had planned to do but, by 4 oclock we were ready for a few Advil and some Columbian Supremeo.