Monday, March 30, 2015

Well Deserved Tarpon Week For Pat Wood

Last May's  Tarpon Flats fishing was ruff at best.....basically a " Wind Event " more than a Tarpon event !

I owed Pat some good Fly Rod Tarpon fishing and last week made up for the beating of May 2014
and then some, just the right combo Tide, Temperture, Tarpon.....we had lots of grabs, jumps , break off's and catches.
Most of the hours we fished were used casting at Tarpon ...Happy boy with a landed 120 lb fish and a lost 120 plus and several other 60 plus fish brought along side.
Great pictures ...lots of laugh's

Pat will be back in May for another try a Migratory Tarpon on the flats of Key West and a sneak outback for a Biter !

Great Tarpon Week Key West

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tarpon on Fly But Most Just Lie

Beautiful day today warm with a cooler North Wind.....that was a problem this morning as the barometer drop kept the Tarpon submerged.

We did manage a 60 lb. fish that chomped our Mylar Minnow Fly in a brief feeding period.

A Sink Tip line and light leader helped to take the fly down quickly in 5 ft of backcountry channel.

Other guides reported a lack of high water column, rolling Tarpon also from areas east and west of
the Gulf Flats and the spot we chose to fish.

Tarpon respond to a falling barometer sometimes spoiling our best chances, tomorrow's wind change brings rising barometer and Tarpon.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Permit fishing continues to improve in Key West and Marquesas

Winds now out of the east and a bit more than we would like but not a big deal.
The water temperature continues to come up making it more inviting to Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit.
we are whispering that winter is over.

Tarpon continue to be popping up here and there but thy prefer lighter winds to slide into the areas
a Flats Skiff and Fly Fisherman prefer.
 These conditions continue to put us on the Permit Flats daily and make it easier to approach them with the wind chop.

The wind make Marquesas Keys and tuff ride in a Flat Skiff so we have spent our time on the Gulf Flats with plenty of cridders to chase.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Best Key West Fishing Guide Service 8 Years

Honored for the job I've loved all my adult life...very cool !

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Permit Fishing remains stronger than the wind

The Southerly winds are a backup cool front that brings  higher humidity and temperatures in the low 80s.
Permit are happy with these conditions and the Tarpon are hovering close by with some in the Backcountry channels and basins.

A crabbing we shall go, hooked to a 1/0 and tied to spinning rods it's hard for Permit to resist a jucy
Florida Green Crab.
Some of the Gulp Baits will work in a pinch or a live shrimp.

Fly Rods will require more skill and lots of luck throwing Crab Pattern Flys and crossing fingers.


Sunday, March 08, 2015

Weather holds Warm in Key West

Breezy but upper 70s and keeping the water temperature's in the Permit comfort range.

I'm looking for early Tarpon action as they slide inshore for some snacking but conditions still favor
hunting the flats for Permit and Bonefish.

The heavier Fly Fishing tackle will be getting a once over this week ready for the challenge.

Friday, March 06, 2015

Permit Month Key West

The Full Moon is hanging over some beautiful evenings with warm breeze's ....good for night surface feeding if your a Tarpon or Permit....not that other fishes don't use it also.

Once the brightest Moon has started to wain and the night sky is darker,  chances for hungry Permit
on the Flats of the Florida Keys improve quite a bit.

This with the inviting water temperature in the mid to upper 70s we will be armed with
fussy Crab Flies and doing the deep bend over " Chuck n Duck " to launch our weighted Permit Flies
hopefully to the feeding fish without driving a Merkin into the back of our heads.

Spinning Rod folks with be tossing live Florida Green Crabs hoping for their  first Permit memory.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

South Wind Productive for Tarpon

The Gulf side flats north side of the lower Florida Keys and Key West have a few Tarpon moving into the channels and over the top of the Backcountry Flats.

Several small strings have shown up this morning but moving a little fast, they will settle down and start feeding because of the water temperature continuing to rise and with it more bait fish and yummy crabs.

Plugs, Swim Baits and live crabs should attract to attention in the next few days as the weather holds in a summer pattern.

As the wind drops this week more opportunities for Tarpon Fly Fishing will be available and hopefully we will be there.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

More Tarpon in Shore Key West Basins

Sunny and 81 degrees today with a southernly breazzzz and invitation to Tarpon to swim close in
for dinner.

We will be out with fly fishing and light spinning rods tomorrow morning a little early to encourage
some bad behavior from the Silver Kings,  a little time for poling the Gulf Flats for Permit also.

The Full Moon tides push these fish and we try to take advantage of the low incoming tide to meet them with offerings.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Flats warm and Permit Swarm Key West Flats

Water temperature has shot up over 80 degrees in some areas of the Flats, a week ago it was in the 60s in the Backcountry Basins and on the Flats .

When the water is in the mid 60s the critters start heading for the deeper water and more stable temps.
But when it cools off to the low 60s and even dips to the upper 50s......fa-get- abowit !

Today the Tarpon were showing up in the Key West Harbor and some Backcountry Basins.
 On the Flats Permit were in attendance and a few Bonefish slid in to snack.

A cold front or two may show up in the lower Florida Keys yet this month but it could be that the
worst February in my memory is gone and quickly the Flats fishing in Key West is back.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Barracuda in Florida target of Spear Fishing for cash

I really hate to bring this up, I really do but !

There is now a lot of discussion in Florida about protecting the Barracudas with a lot of commercial fishing interests uncomfortable with the idea but here is the rub :

Barracudas have provided a lot of fun for Inshore, Flats and even Blue Water Charter and Light Tackle Guides and their customers.
Bringing in lots of tourist dollars for many years, admittedly Baracuda populations suffered because of our misguided use of their lifeless bodies killed, taken back to the Charter Boat Docks
Stabbed on to a Nail Rack to be photographed and later dropped into a dumpster at the end of the day
after attracting the next day's charter customers.

Fortunately the last 30 years most of that stopped because of pressure from more resource protective
Captains and Guides but, most of the pressure came from a more protective Angling client group.

Unfortunately the next problem the Barracudas faced was the Dastardly Shark Fin Hunters who
Preferred Barracuda Meat to bait the miles of Long Line gear.

Shark Finning has subsided quite a bit only after doing major damage to the World Wide Shark population and of course the Barracuda.

Now with the marked increase of demand for eating fish the Barracudas are again in trouble....
Barracudas on the Reefs, Wrecks and Rock Piles in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, lying in schools
are easy targets for a small groups of young men with Spear Guns. 

Barracudas are being killed by the thousands for as little as $1 a pound and sold to the general public
being marketed as snapper, grouper, want some grouper we got it always.

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