Friday, December 16, 2005

Key West Cold Fronts Bring Hot Fishing

Remember, we're talking about 68 degrees over night here, thats cold for us Coco-nuts.

It's also cold for our animals and it brings in the bait fish to the warmer flats and basins.

Marcella and I are busy, fingers sleeved in super glue, the result of wrapping jigs for the Pompano fishing in the Key West Backcountry.

Mylar Flys are next as last years supply has dwindled considerably.

Pompano on a 8wt fly rod is a ball, Pompano are mini-me Permit after all and the fight as well pound for pound.

Last year we caught a number of big Pompano that looked and fought......Permitish.

A few Cobias have show up already and if it was'nt for a ....rubber hook , we would be chewing on him right now!

I dont keep many fish but once in a while I make an exception.