Thursday, June 19, 2008

Key West Tarpon War 2008

Lost in the fog of Tarpon War.... fishing all but three of the last 60 days.

But another Tarpon migration run and a chance to fish with old buddies and some new ones too.

Jim Cloud celebrated his 77th birthday with a 90 lber on Flyrod and as he said "buys another year of life and I'll be back for 2009" too Jim.

Peter Mullet was here for his week and after a few "Trout Lifts" and other assorted screw up managed to capture several nice Tarpon on Fly.

Peter and I always laugh alot.

Eric Evans another best pal, he and Jim Cloud have fished with me through several marriage's and sets of teeth........anyway Eric was here with his son Thadd and we scared a few Tarpon half to death, drank some Rhumb.

Adam Marton just left after a week of jumpen off some Tarpon and punishing the Chartruse Bunny Flies.

Mark Miller and Jack Gluckman are a couple of new friends that had success with Tarpon on fly and will be back next year.

We have had some ups and down with the fishing in May/June but it's been really good generally.

On this day off I will rest and do a little cooking.....well unless the wind backs down, then I take a ride and jump a Poon!