Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Key West Winter Tarpon Fishing

Yesterday after several days of good sunshine and warming water temps, we found Tarpon in several flats rivers.

Not just little guys but, some big mama's also, not a lot of grabs but we did manage to jump a couple.

The jacks were happy too and we wore out a handfull of Mylar jigs fighting them and a few snappers and the biggest Lookdown I ever saw.

Lookdown's are really a odd looking fish, related to the Pompano and Permit with a simular
body shape but a bazarre face and a snorkle mouth that reminds me of a Sturgeon.

They swim looking down, bottom feeders usually and not really on the list of fish you must catch before you can have your own television show.

Not any Lookdown tournaments that I know of, but they are fun and fun to