Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year Fishing In Key West

2006 all ready?

Wasn't it just 96 yesterday!?

Time fly's when your having fun, flats fishing in the lower Florida Keys adds years to your life.

Sportfishing anywhere will do it, we are looking forward to January's Cobia on the flats and big Jacks and Pompano in the basins.
The Barracudas are showing up in the skinny water and provide a lot of Tooffy action for spinning and fly rodders.

Todays treat for me was a cute little 12yr old girl that told me about the 5lb 5 ounce rainbow Trout she caught when she was 5 years old.

So now she can brag about the 12lb Barracuda she got in the 12th month of her 12th year.

She thought that was real cool!

We were looking for Cobia on the flats but, todays tide sequence just didnt jive with our's
so, it will have to be tomorrow.

I gained some time fishing with that kid and her dad today.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Pompano and Bambi Butt for Christmas Dinner

Today was a great day in the Key West Gulf side basins, started a little chilly and the fishing early this morning was slow.

I ran to the gulf side and although we didnt rip them up at first, as the falling tide, and the warmer water begain moving twards the Gulf of mexico, the bait fish started swiming over the flat and into the basins.

First Lady Fish and a few Jacks school's provided a little action then, we got lucky and a few big Sea Trout grabbed the jigs and ran off.

A short time later we started hooking really nice Pompano and what could be better than
a few pompano filets grilled in butter with Key Lime Mustard sause and Bruschetta made into a relish.

A table spoon on top of the Pompano filet, unbelievable!

One of my pals/fishing customers brought a Venison hind quarter, thanks Brad.

Pompano and Bambi, sounds like Christmas to me.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Jacks Crashing bait on the Key West Flats

As we approached the flats west of Key West yesterday morning we could see a lot of birds diving and bait fish spraying.

When we got in a little closer we found big fish crashing into the bait fish schools
and sometimes charging right on to the flat.

We positioned the skiff up current of the schools and as they drew closer we were able to see that they were big Jack Creval's running 10-20lbs just tearing up the Broad Shads.

When they came charging by us, a quick launch with a Mylar Jig received instant abuse and so did the anglers, arse ol's and elbows, lots of screaming and a general Chinese Fire drill around the skiff.

Really nutty kid stuff but, lots of fun.

We lost track of how many we caught and after a hour or so, things calmed down and we went hunting.

We were rewarded with a half dozen very pretty Sea trout and a couple silver babies, AKA Pompano.

More big jacks and a shark fight kept us busy.

We forgot about the Permit fishing we had planned to do but, by 4 oclock we were ready for a few Advil and some Columbian Supremeo.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Tarpon Apply As Permit Swim By

Go figure......Yesterday we find tailing Permit, big ones, right off the bat.

We just got here, not ready, we dig out the spinning rods and put on a couple of wiggly crab offerings, a few casts later, they moved off with no interest.

Ok we will pole the flat, they must be ass deep up here!

The first five were the last Permit we would find all day but, as I approached flat number 4 or another big tail.

I jumped onto the platform and started poling, another, no wait, looked like a Tarpon, yep son of a.....there's another!

There were 8-10 smallish Tarpon (25lber's) up on the flat sucken in minnows, oh well, hell with the Permit.

We managed to jump two before soiling the flat and driving them off into the channel.

Today we were headed to the Permit flat but stopped to take a peek in another spot and see if a few Tarpon would show.

I jumped one on the first cast.....December!

The rest of the day was tearing up tackle on Sea Trout and big jacks.

Permit are still in big trouble.........tomorrow.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Key West Cold Fronts Bring Hot Fishing

Remember, we're talking about 68 degrees over night here, thats cold for us Coco-nuts.

It's also cold for our animals and it brings in the bait fish to the warmer flats and basins.

Marcella and I are busy, fingers sleeved in super glue, the result of wrapping jigs for the Pompano fishing in the Key West Backcountry.

Mylar Flys are next as last years supply has dwindled considerably.

Pompano on a 8wt fly rod is a ball, Pompano are mini-me Permit after all and the fight as well pound for pound.

Last year we caught a number of big Pompano that looked and fought......Permitish.

A few Cobias have show up already and if it was'nt for a ....rubber hook , we would be chewing on him right now!

I dont keep many fish but once in a while I make an exception.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Key West Fishing for Barracudas

Big ol' Toofey's showing up for the holidays, thats what the cool front bring us for Christmas along with some Cobia and hopefully Pompano.

The bait fish migrations pushed by the winter weather, pull the bigger fish along with them
into the flats and basins.......we like that!

Today we found some Barracudas lying on the flat in very shallow water, tail tip showing
waiting for a stray Needle Gar to make a mistake.

We talked a few big ones into a tube lure lunch and in that 10 inch water they were a comical
treat once they discovered their error.

Jumping and changing direction at 40 mph, with a look of disbelief in their faces.

Much malined as a sport fish and in the deeper water on heavy tackle they're not a lot of fun
but on the Key West fishing flats they are a hoot.

Ofcourse on a 10lb spin rod or light fly rod, everything is a hoot.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Pompano and Mincemeat Pie

Thanksgiving's Turkey on the grill was a big success and after Wilma flooding
us out, friends and neighbors were ready for some RnR.

I was the Chef !

One of the ol' Yanky feel good foods is Mincemeat pie at holiday time, not everyone likes it
especially kids and thats ok with me.

I have to admit that I personally disposed of two Mincemeat pies over the Thanksgiving
weekend......dont know what came over me.

Todays cool front will be followed by another stronger front tomorrow night, dropping the water temps into the Pompano and Cobia inshore comfort zone.

We will be ready with Fly's and jigs for these winter visitors and the good action they promise.

Last year was unbelieveable Pompano fishing and sight casting for Cobia on the flats, following Sting Rays was a great time for both spin and fly fisherman.

Big Cobia on fly last year was close to 60 lbs and we caught many over 20 lbs.

But what I'm really looking forward to is some grilled Pompano with Key lime mustard
and Salsa relish.........with Mincemeat Pie.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Key West Cobia's for Xmas?

Already there are a few of out winter warrior's showing up on the Gulf of Mexico flats.

The water has cooled and the migrating bait and Cobia, Pompano and Barracudas are starting to get frisky.

Big Jack's , Lady fish and Sea Trout are showing also.

Permit on the Key West and Lower Keys flats are in good number as we get closer to Xmas
we'll have some good action for those rascal's.

The tide sequences the next few weeks will be super and we're looking forward to more water
on the flat as this last week or so there has been "sucky" tide's to work with.

Alot of my regulars will be in town soon so we can catch up on news and ofcourse they will all want to hear about Hurricane Wilma and her bad behavior.

The weather has been us wonderful with, mid to upper 70's and night in the 60's
and that's a good thing