Thursday, April 16, 2009

2008-2009 Best Guide Service in Key West

WHO would ever guess? Thanks to the US Small Business folks.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Laidup- In The Lake Tarpon

" Mosquito Bite Just Before The Tarpon Do " Ol' Guide Charlie Weaver used to quip.

What he meant is the more warm and humid, still air the early morning or evening weather is, the better your chances for exceptional Tarpon action.

We are getting into that time of year now, been flirting with Tarpon more often in late March and early April but as we move closer to May the pace picks up considerably.

Plugs, small live crabs, Jigs and Fly's are a flats fisherman arsenal along with a good stout rod and a big Bowl of Wheatie' will need it.

Yesterdays Tarpon were not very happy and after a lot of work we managed to put a couple in the air, full moon madness I'm afraid.

Sometimes they have been at the " Snak Shak " all night chowing down in the light of the Silvery Moon.

We found some Tarpon sliding around in the bottom in about 5-6 feet of water in a inshore basin.

Fun stuff but the are not the most approachable fish.

Mount up it's Tarpon Time!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Key West Tarpon Tango/ Shrimp Stomp

Fly fishing for Tarpon is one of those activities that once you have done it with some success, you just know it will be part of your annual agenda for life.

Think about that statement for a few seconds, Grand Canyon OK , saw it! Indy 500 Race , cool, once was enough, Aunt Margret's tits, great but.

A big Ol ' Tarpon with his head out of the water , eye balls straining to spot his feathery target and the subsequent hard grab at the fly line in your hand.....Sweet Jesus !

The other night was one of those - 3 days before full moon , sunset a large Red Ball hang'in over the western view and almost hissing sound as the Red Ball disappears into the Gulf.

No wind, just the HUP - POP sound of Tarpon sucking shrimp from the surface on a falling tide...

Staked in 3 feet on the flats west of Key West, they're all around us.

Waiting in the din for the closer, 11 o'clock shot and finely making a back cast at 3 o'clock because you can't wait, why should you, you've been here before - many tides .

In seconds a - one long pull after the Black Toad Fly hits the water, he's on!

The big Moon is up now, silvering the Tarpon when......... all ten jump.

Two hours later and 7 Tarpon Heads touched, 3 more jumped, all loved, every wild ass one of them.

Rocketing home in the glass slick calm of Midnight after touching the heads of kings.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Great Big Deal SHARK FISHING tournament Key West

WOW this is really something you should experience, a reel sporting event that every outdoorsmen/women should witness.


OK here's how it's done, take notes, you want a Shark Trophy and a hat and T-shirt dont you?

#1 Kill alot of Barracudas for bait.

Dont worry the commercial Shark Fin Fisherman kill thousands of Barracudas for bait in South Florida and the Florida Keys and Dry Tortugas every year.

Shark Fin Soup ya know! " Fin's sent to Japan "

So thats thousands of Barracudas and thousands of Sharks, guess that's the balance of nature

OK #2 you need a boat or, you can hire a SHARK EXPERT GUIDE... ya that's a good idea because he knows the secret spots and he also knows the secret bait!!

YA Barracudas are killed for the sporting event , dozens .....But the real pros KNOW that a Shark goes bonkers for ............chopped into chunks, bloody and smelly, really dead.


That to me is dismantling a..... Stradivarius to build a Ukulele sad

Springing Into Tarpon Key West

We Have had a few flashes of Tarpon action during February , March and that's not unusual but, NOW we're getting serious.

Maybe the cool fronts are over for the year, I doubt it but , Spring/Summer is here for sure and the Local Tarpon are beginning to be a daily look see, if not the main objective.

I have had some tremendous night fishing on Spin/Plug tackle and Fly.

I always get cranked about Tarpon even after what may be several thousand hooked over the years, on all tackle!

The other night we jumped 7 Tarpon on a new Secret plug, nut's for it they waz..

Probably the most Personally connected to a Tarpon (or any gamefish for that matter) you can be is hooking and fighting a fish on Fly Tackle.

Making a cast, retrieving and hand setting the hook by pulling on the flyline, takes you closer to " hand to fin combat " than any other method of sport angling.

Don't get me wrong, a Tarpon on light tackle of any kind is a blast everyone should try!

They are here NOW , in our showroom for your inspection.......