Saturday, February 14, 2009

Log In The Fog Barracuda

Doesn't happen every year, sometimes it won't happen in five years.

The last few days we have had to run in the fog early morning and although today it lifted late morning, yesterday the fog hung around is some areas most of the day.

The flats, once you find them, can be eerie as with low visibility and flat water sometimes you can hear strange things moving about and you can be fooled by the thick air as to how far or near the splashes and pops and swirling can be.

For some reason, as I have witnessed several times before the Black Tip and Lemon Sharks can be absolutely nuts charging around attacking anything that breaks the surface.

The Sharks and US are not the only wacko's out in the fog lots of the other guys can be very aggressive .

But the real surprise of the day was when a Tube Lure cast in the direction of some noise out in the Foggy Boggy, produced after some high speed blasts a big, by Key West standards , Bluefish that was up in 18 inches of water.

As he charged and tail walked by the skiff in a Blue Panic!

"Whats with THAT.?".....Oh Shyte a Log of a Barracuda was after and caught our Bluefish now we're fighting a 25 lb Cuda and whats left of a 6 lb Bluefish.

Is that a record? Great fun in the fog.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Exploding Flats Fish Key West

Really unbelievable , Yesterday with a warm if not blowy Southeast Wind we had fish, big fish, little fish. long and wide fish.

Pompano, tackle busting Blue Fish schools, Sharks and lots of Jack Crevall......Jacks big enough to swaller a Pepsi Bottle.

That was yesterday, heading out today I expected after last nights low speed muggy SW wind even MORE gobbling.

Secret spot showed us a few schools of Blue Runners early in the tide but as the water came up out of the Gulf, in came over the top of the flats school after school of Jack Crevalls, many very large fish.

Sharks, Barracudas, Bluefish and Pompano Arse Ol's and Elbow's

Fly Rods and the little Weenie spin rods we stole from the Crappie Fisherman, bent double!

Then....Oh SHYTE! TARPON and several schools of Permit maybe 60 fish in all from 8lbs to near 30 lbs.

WE could not feed the Tarpon or Permit, they probably had heard about us.

Pass me the Pompano Platter Please......