Thursday, June 25, 2009

June Swoon Tarpon Moon Key West

Mays slow start morfs into a stellar June Tarpon Doo Daa! OR
" Night and Day you are the One "

Really great Tarpon Fandango, Fly Rod or Spinning chucking plastic as long as we were willing to start early AM or fish Sunset and later we were into good to great Tarpon fishing.

Flies, Flies everybody has the secret Fly, you if you were lucky, saw the secret fly the past 5-6 weeks was in the mouth of all the Tarpon you jumped !

Bunny Strips, Toady things, Leaping Lizards, Whizz Bangers !! Shhhhhh don't tell anybody.

Chartreuse is good, oooww Sand Bunny with Rust Marabou head and then night time I'll have a Mocha- Peppermint Latte .. yes sir.

Mid day almost always sucks for Tarpon, we all know that but go try to shoot a White Tail Deer or a Turkey mid day and be prepared to nap in the woods !

We still have lots of good Tarpon fishing and the Bonefish have been good numbers lately with some full grown suckers swimming round.

Our weather in May and June was very mild, just now some tropical pop up storms that can make you wear your rubbers.

Mother warned you....