Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Winter Tarpon Key West Style

Although Florida and certainly the Florida Keys have had the coldest winter on record!
No surprise that the rest of the East Coast is not sympathetic......that's been really ugly for everyone north of the Florida/Georga line.

But the worst may be over for us.....all the years I've lived in the Florida Keys ( now 40years) it seems winters that start out horrible usually blow them selves out early and we end up with a early spring.........we hope!

This past week has put Permit and Tarpon on top of us, in the close channels, basins and flats.

Lots...laid up Tarpon in the shallows are some of the tuffest to feed....so easy to have them get wind of you ,sight, sound or sniff but.....OH what a rush if you hook up, you watched him eat the Fly-plug or live permit crab.

We had a little front blow in last night less then they forecast and not enough to run the fish out of the flats....weather man says another will be here in a few days.....maybe and ok
But I'm stringing up the Fly Rods