Sunday, March 25, 2012

Breaking out the Tarpon Fly Rods

The Tsunami has shifted the earths rotation.....

Spring lasted a few less days than Winter, we all know this, if your east of the Mississippi River!
Bonefish and Tarpon are starting to respond in kind, wondering if the migrating Tarpon will be here early....usually not regardless of the weather....but who knows the Polar Bears are headed south, breeding with Grizzlies!

That's not a good thing but they should stay out of Cleveland....Erie didn't freeze so they would have to take a bus.

I always look forward to the Tarpon showing in the basin's and backcountry and of course the Atlantic Side Flats.

Night Tarpon fishing under ideal conditions is a blast, especially up on a shallow flat.
The Star and Moon light reveals an exciting break in the inky black surface, shrimp popping Tarpon are suckers " pun intended " for a Gurgler Fly.

This is how it works...old guide with superior night vision and the hearing of a fox,
Spits out the command to cast 40 ft@ 10 o'clock as he grips the 1 million candle power spotlight.

The anxious angler( that would be you ) makes a precise 44 ft cast and on the first short pop
of the Gurgler comes up tight with his left hand igniting The Tarpon Bomb on the other end of the fly line.

The trusty,crusty old guide hits the switch on the spot light as the Tarpon Missile launches,
Head shaking, Red Eyes glaring, sparks shooting from his ass....demanding your immediate attention.

He's got it!