Saturday, January 31, 2009

Key West Pompano and Monster Jack Attack

Yesterday was " One of Those" wondering when the grey edge in the northwest would turn into the Bear Claw Blue Northern and end the party with an Artic Blast.

Turned out we were lucky yesterday and Jane and Dave Bohren were treated to lots of great action all morning.

Jacks and Lady Fish started us out first off and the bottom of the falling tide had the basins a little dismal .....not a promise of Trout or Pompano.

Luckily when the tide turned and started in , along with a good guess at a new spot , the flats exploded with life.

First cast in the new lo-cal produced for Jane a nice Blue Fish on ultra lite tackle with his buddies trying to steal his rubber worm all the way to the boat.

At once David and I were hooked up to 12-14 lb. Jack Crevalle's.

Next cast and Jane and I had Pompanos, Dave another Big Jack and on it went for an hour and one half.

We had our shots at some spooky Permit, big suckers that were in a mixed size school , maybe 25 Permit in the school.

OOPS! here comes the Blue Bear Claws time to idle out and punch the Merc towards the Barn.

We were treated to a peek at a baby Hammerhead Shark as we slid down the channel, Jane got a kick out of this little 8 ft. 250 lb Baby.

We made it back to Garrison Bight unscathed but as it works for Mike I got blasted on my commute back to the home sea wall.

40 MPH, driving rain, visibility about 50 ft, 20 degree drop in temps as I shot across the flat soaked and shivering....grinning my ass off....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Permit and Barracudas show before Front

Today's 80 degree, sunny ski's and light breezes will give way to a rather strong cool front tomorrow afternoon.

We were in high cotton this afternoon tossing crabs at slow moving Permit and Tube Lures to Barracudas.

Fly chucken a bit but only fresh fare were taken by our little Permit pals and a matched set of 12 lbers came to a kiss and slap on the Ass at the boat.

First thing in the morning we'll be back out, one eye in a northwesterly direction watching for the promised " Blue Northern" that will end our day and maybe the next.

Just when we were talk'en Tarpon along comes a spoiler!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Warming The Key West Flats

Today's cool air is leaving and the warm sun will bring more creatures into the flats and basins.
Our last few days were very cool , too cool for our little pays to play.

Most of us were in the gym this past few days or home in sweat pants brewing a pot of Chilly.

Our trip to the backcountry produced a few jacks and a couple of small Grouper on Weenie Spin Rods but the reel fun was launching Red Rubber Worms on the Flats.

One huge Jack, a big Barracuda and lots of misses with Black Tip and Lemon Sharks late in the incoming tide gave us some great action and abused our 4-8 LB. Weenie Rods.

This wind has dropped to a whisper tonight and the humidity has come up and we've hung out the welcome sign to the Trout, Pompano and Cudas.

With the great clear sky we have been enjoying the sight casting will be super and we will be jazzed!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cold Front Blows Pompano into Key West

And some Sea Trout, Barracudas and Sharks up on the Flats chasing bait.

It's that time of year , cool fronts driving bait fish south making Sailfish migrate oceanside and the Cobia, Trout, Pompano and Redfish move in out of the Gulf.

We're having lots of fun with light spin and fly rods in the basins and Gulf side Flats.

Barracudas on light tackle in less than a foot of water is one of the surprises first time flats anglers enjoy.

With a less that Stellar reputation offshore where Cuda's are considered a nuisance when they chop your slow trolled Ballyhoo in half before you have a chance to hook a Sail or Wahoo.

Those of us that find it fun to whip a big fish on what is considered light fresh water tackle, love to watch a Barracuda on a Weenie Rod smokem 100 yards of 10 lb. test and leaping 6 ft in the air.

Our last trip to the flats produced two nice big Lemon Sharks and about 10 Barracudas hooked and landed , hooked and laughed off and some yummy Sea Trout for dinner, unplanned but welcome!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Unbelieveable XMas Weather

It's really been like spring this past week or so and even a few Tarpon have noticed!

Don't run and grab the 12wt. but if warm stuff continues we will be sniffen around a few Poon Haunts.

The Permit have not been crazy and the Barracudas are not on the feed bag as much as they were last week when the inshore water was a little cooler.

But the Pompano, Sea Trout and Jacks have been really giving my Jig and Mylar Varmit Fly stocks a beating.

Fun fishing and great warm weather sooooo? How's the weather in Cleveland?!