Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summer Fun

Busy and very active June, July Flats Fishing.

Tarpon fishing,  Fly and Spin has been exceptional but the big surprise was the Bonefishing this summer and it continues into August.

Certainly early morning and sunset are almost a must for a fair shot at Tarpon but the Bonefish will hold up a little longer possibly causing a late lunch back at thr Marina.

Bonefish have found our Shrinp tipped Spinning Rod Jigs just as interesting as our Flies so no one
Is left out.

Evening Tarpon Fishing, given the right low wind / good tide conditions is a favorite " Key West Sunset "  pass time.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Tarpon arrive on Key West Flats

Since the end of the first week in May and the New Moon we have had migrating tarpon some
feeding and others doing the love circle dance.

I have had days watching over 300 tarpon crossing the ocean flats this past week, always an amazing
Best day my old pal Leon Jackson managed to feed 5 tarpon and a bonefish some hook and feather
Brunch....not all stayed on but exciting grabs a few feet from the skiff always cause hair to stand up.

While no tarpon hung around for photo ops, we did get a Hollywood Shot of a nice Bonefish.

Sunday, April 03, 2016

April brings Tarpon Inshore Key West

Consistently warmer days and nights have moved more Tarpon into the Key West Backcountry and Flats.
Jumping one or two per trip on fly or Jig the last week along with some Permit shots have kept us interested.
Excited about another Light Tackle / Fly Fishing Tarpon Season....very few things are more important
in this life.
Pie and Puppy's on this list too.....

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tarpon Show and Barracuda Go with Warm Winds

The wind dropped out from 28-35 MPH and we begin to see some improvement in Tarpon and Permit action.
It still was tuff the last week with very slow current/ tide's but on the mend now.

We found a school ....or maybe several schools traveling in the same direction on the Gulf Flats north east of Key West....did I say about 1000 Jack Creville's from 10-18 lbs.

Pat Wood and I were armed with GoPro a super Flycasting video is in the works with Jacks crashing
our Guggler Fly's and smokin the drag....

Winter is behind us now ( with a few fall backs of course ) .....

I'm ready for Spring

Friday, February 05, 2016

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Barracudas entertain on Key West Cold Front Flats

We have had a tuff week with wind and cold water driving many inshore species out to the deep and warmer water temperature's.

" Careful what you wish for "   Complaining about 84-86 in December brought a January of rainy
days or cold and windy impossible days.

But the last few days Barracudas on fly and very light spinning rods tossing Bass Worms have provided great sport.

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Winter arrives in Key West...finally

After record breaking air and water temperatures all Fall and early Winter we have received
a couple cool / cold fronts that made it down from Canada.

The winter fronts are necessary to drive bait fish migrations and bring in the Red Fish, Pompano, Sea Trout, Barracudas and Jack's that make for " Fun Fishing " in the Backcountry and Basins of the Florida Keys.

Tarpon Fishing 4 days in a row Christmas week was fun but without the Cold Fronts and Winter Species the Xmas family's looking for some easy big fish action  had a tuff time.

But the Fly Rodders had BIG Tarpon Presents !