Friday, May 11, 2007

Tarpon show for Love Fest in Key West

FINLEY we have some summer weather and Tarpon showing up in the flats and shallows for Fly Rodden.

Late but welcome, in spite of forest fire smoke blowing in from Florida to give an unusual eeriness to the early morning hunt.

That's gone now, reminded me of my British Columbia Steelhead trips!

The gin clear water and calm seas are really a treat after one of the most difficult winters in the 30+ years I've been fishing in the Keys.

Peter Mullet starts with me on Sunday, we'll have our usual laugh fest along with the Tarpon Fest and seven days with Peter is always a good time.

June and early July look great for Tarpon and of course Dr. Permit will be examining our fly's.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Last Week Winter this Week Tarpon

Blimey! 2007 weather is confusing for everyone so, why should the fish be any less confused?!

February...stunk March...sucked April...cheez ass cry's

Someone shot a flare up on May 1st and now... we have been rescued !

I'm filing hook points, oiling Fly Reels and fluff'en chicken feathers for Big Daddy.

85 degrees, light winds and Tarpon Tuskers in the air...All is forgiven, its summer Tarpon Season.

The Tarpon are really happy about the weather changes, now they can continue on their annual trip to the big "Poon Fook Fest" and stop along the way to visit ol' guides and anglers that await with offering's of feathers and plastic baits.