Saturday, December 24, 2005

Pompano and Bambi Butt for Christmas Dinner

Today was a great day in the Key West Gulf side basins, started a little chilly and the fishing early this morning was slow.

I ran to the gulf side and although we didnt rip them up at first, as the falling tide, and the warmer water begain moving twards the Gulf of mexico, the bait fish started swiming over the flat and into the basins.

First Lady Fish and a few Jacks school's provided a little action then, we got lucky and a few big Sea Trout grabbed the jigs and ran off.

A short time later we started hooking really nice Pompano and what could be better than
a few pompano filets grilled in butter with Key Lime Mustard sause and Bruschetta made into a relish.

A table spoon on top of the Pompano filet, unbelievable!

One of my pals/fishing customers brought a Venison hind quarter, thanks Brad.

Pompano and Bambi, sounds like Christmas to me.