Sunday, January 31, 2016

Barracudas entertain on Key West Cold Front Flats

We have had a tuff week with wind and cold water driving many inshore species out to the deep and warmer water temperature's.

" Careful what you wish for "   Complaining about 84-86 in December brought a January of rainy
days or cold and windy impossible days.

But the last few days Barracudas on fly and very light spinning rods tossing Bass Worms have provided great sport.

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Winter arrives in Key West...finally

After record breaking air and water temperatures all Fall and early Winter we have received
a couple cool / cold fronts that made it down from Canada.

The winter fronts are necessary to drive bait fish migrations and bring in the Red Fish, Pompano, Sea Trout, Barracudas and Jack's that make for " Fun Fishing " in the Backcountry and Basins of the Florida Keys.

Tarpon Fishing 4 days in a row Christmas week was fun but without the Cold Fronts and Winter Species the Xmas family's looking for some easy big fish action  had a tuff time.

But the Fly Rodders had BIG Tarpon Presents !