Sunday, January 27, 2008

Winter Break on the Flats

Just off a little break in the action.

What did I miss, great fishing of course and some tuff cool fronts also.

Flogg'en the Motorcycle up US 27 to Us 441, quick dash from Melbourne to Daytona on I95 to visit mom for a few days.

Another record run and super fun for an Ol' Moto Fag.

But your are not here for the "Motorcycle Chronicles"

This is whats happen "N"

The Permit fishing has been a blast between fronts, a few times in the last month the water temps have come up enough to push a some Tarpon into the basins.

Blue Fish, Cobia, Pompano, Big Jacks and Barracudas have filled in the, too cool days so the fun has been measured out with a few off days and days off.

We have today and the next 5-6 days ahead some very nice weather and plenty of Gurgler Flies and Poppen Plugs to deal with varmets......

Friday, January 04, 2008

Ice Fishing for Tarpon in Key West

Well the weather is nearly perfect for it!

A few days ago we were Tarpon fishing in the Backcountry Basin's near Key West.

Our weather had been spring like for almost two weeks and some of the Big Guys from the Gulf moved into the basin's for some chow.

As it often happens this time of year, the next cold front will run those Tarpon back to the protection of they're deeper Gulf of Mexico haunts.

This front is a doozie, blowing 30mph + and temps below freezing.

Remember air temps are measured a little differently in Key West and the Lower Florida Keys.

So we have come to believe that the water in your bird bath, will freeze over night if the temp's dip below 68 degrees.

You can spot the Key Wester's on the street, their pajama bottoms protrude from the cuffs of their blue jeans and miss matched socks, sometimes two ball caps on their heads.

The National Guard has suspended operations here, the air temperature is expected to reach 71 degrees today with prediction's of upper 70's this weekend, we should have no problem clearing out the ice in Key West Harbor.

The great news is we need these cold fronts to move the bait fish and stir up the Pompano, Cobia, Barracudas, Red Fish and Jacks so a few days from now as the basin/flats temps come up so will the Funsters...