Saturday, November 15, 2008

OK SO That's Not a Ohio Steelhead Your Right!

YES I DID get a nice Steelhead on the Grand and lost another and your right that's British Columbia and a bigger fish I caught on the Copper River.

Didn't have a camera last week when I hooked a good fish of about 26+ inches and maybe 10-11 lbs.
He gave me a good tussel on a economy model Pflueger IM8 Fly Rod more like a 6-7 than the 8wt marked on the blank but a super little rod and a reel drag clicker that sounded like the stray cat that decided to sleep in the fan shroud of my old Chevy PU one cold front nite.

I hit the key at 6am the next morning and CRRRRRYYYYEEEEEEE...

Anyway there was a lot of complaining from that reel as my first Grand River Steelhead smoked down stream, I was giggling with the addrenaline rush that only a good fish can give when you have been in the river for 3 days without a sniff and the last thing you expect is a top water take!

I was rewarded again the next day with another...briefly.

Eric Evans and I plan on an annual October trip to the Grand dragging our pal Cappy "Top Water Todd Bowen" with us.

That will be our last northern her'raw for the year before we head south to the Key West Flats that have given us great lives.

Steelhead of The Grand River Throw Back Ol' Guide