Friday, June 30, 2006

Key West Tarpon Blurr

WOW Wha Happened!

May blu by and June lasted about a week, Tarpon for breakfast, lunch, dinner.

We had a pretty good Tarpon migration run and ofcourse it's a great time for me because I get a chance to see my Ol' Flyfishing buddies.

My friend Jim Cloud showed up as usual the first week in May and we had a great time.
We had dinner the first night Jim got here and over a great steak and a few Wadka's
He reminded me that it was our 25th year fishing together.

I asked him I he brought me a Gravy Boat or Tea Pot for our silver Anniversary!

He's a great guy and this year is also his 75th birthday......unbelievable.

Jim Cloud aka "Red Cloud" as he is known in North Korea { Jim was an Artilary Officer during the Korean War}

Jim is family.

Another pal thats been with me for quite a few years is Atom Marton.
Atom and his father were here for a week and we managed to hook pop up with a few Tuskers, good fun.

June fishing has really been better fishing and although the Spawner's are about gone the big Gulf of Mexico are here and the are here to EAT.

Today we jumped 12 Tarpon and landed a few over 100 on light tackle, thats a fantastic Tarpon day.

Bill Marine and his son/nephew were with me {yes it was crowded on the baby boat}

Bill ownes Red Fish Boats in Vero Beach and builds a fine flats boat called a Bull Red.

Bull Red's are as you would guess built for the Red Fish crowd but we think Permit and Tarpon and Bonefish will be on that list in the lower Keys before long....we'll see.