Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Dinner With 5 Key West Fishing Guides and other Kids

Many years I would fish on Holidays and catch a Turkey Leg somewhere later in the day.

The last 10 years ago I've been the Papa Bear, stuffing a few wayward fishing guides and keeping them out of the Frozen Turkey Dinners or even worse Wendy's!

Prepping all evening on Christmas Eve then early Christmas Morning starting the process that gets the biggest Turkey I can find on the Grill, big Ham , three styles stuffing, fresh herbs,
mashed Potatoes,Wild Rice....5-6 pies, too much stuff.

Christmas this year, sunny 80 degrees, really beautiful start to the 2012 guiding season for
the gang and a chance to work of the dinner.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Blue Christmas in Key West

This year has been unbelievable weather wise with more chances for Tarpon and Permit then normal.

Most Christmas Weeks we are content with Barracudas, Jacks and maybe some Sea Trout and Pompano but the weather is summer like with water in the upper 70s.

After Rasselberry pie and Oyster Stuffing ready to work off some calories wacken a few Permitl

Good time for some saltwater fly casting and tossing swim baits with a Spinning Rod.