Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Better than Sex Almost

Summer Vacation Moto Style

Another motorcycle ride snaking east and west as I head north through Georgia into North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Parkway one again.

Planning my assault on Ohio to correspond with the Vintage motorcycle races at Mid-Ohio track at Lexington.

Wundering the flea market with its old motorcycle parts to complete bike's is always a time machine trip, remembering my first Indian Scout Bobber/chopped and painted with a brush, farting, coughing, push to start heap.

The BSA's Norton's Vincent's and the grey beards that continue to love them.

The next week I'm back for the Honda Super Bike Classic and a flash forward to today's fire breathing just sub of 200 MPH motorcycles.

Tomorrow I'll be in the Grand River of Northeastern Ohio to launch flies
at the Steelhead of Lake Erie with my pal Eric Evans.

The cold rain and snow flurries of the past week will have pushed some Steelies into the river and although this old Florida Keys Coconut is a bit out of his element it wont be the first time I popped up on a Steelhead stream.

For years September and October found me on the rivers of British Columbia wacking away for hours, force feeding Leach Pattern Flies to the Big Steelhead that come out of the Pacific to spawn in the mountains every fall.

Eric and I do not expect 20 lb monsters that are common in B.C. but 8-12 pounders are not out of the question..... we'll be tickled to capture any Steelhead.

Report to follow in a few days....