Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Falling into Fall Fishing

The Bonefish continue to give us some thrills, especially the 7+ lbers.

But the cooler air that we usually see by mid October has not arrived yet, we all look forward to its arrival.

Down on Poo Key this morning Marcella and I saw a few small hawks, wrens and some Key West Dove's.

The Fall bird migration is ahead of the cool air.

October brings,.. much to the dismay of the resident Osprey, Sooty Turns and Kingfisher's,.... Krestals and Red Tail Hawks, You will see a lot of dog fights over the outer Keys as the local birds do not approve of the "Snow Birds" moving in on their "no fly zone's"

The Baby Tarpon are still sneeeken around the Mangroves as long as the water in the basins remains warm.

Thats a good thing but , we're looking for a little cool and the good Permit, Pompano and Cobia fishing that comes with it.....