Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bonefish Are Back in Key West

it's not Andros BUT!

The last couple years, we have seen a few more Bone fish here and there, more Bonefish in place's I have not found them in 30 years.

Last March, while poling "macho grande flat" which is Wilbur's code for shut up I'm not telling
you, I bumped into the mother load of 4lb'ers.
I was looking for Permit and Cudas in very skinny water with a pair of brothers that fish with me a few times every year and at first I thought I was seeing a large school of jacks crossing the flat, I swung the skiff to intercept and Richy launched a Merkin ahead of the pack.
Wack!......"christ it's a Bonehead... their all Boneheads!"

Richy hauled him in , while Afro his little brother ( why Afro? don't known why I named him afro, doesn't matter) hooked up on a shrimp.

We dug out another fly rod and now both guys are hooken Bone's one after the other (when they are'nt wrapping fly line around each others head) great fun!
Anyway.......More Bonefish in the lower florida keys is a good thing......................mike