Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Key West Tarpon (allowing pop ups)

Tarpon fishing has always been about pop ups.

Years ago, I had a girl friend that was really bright, not just smart, but
very preceptive and had clever ways to express her observations.

One night we went Tarpon fishing just north of Key West in lower Jewfish basin.

It was one of those hot oilslick calm evenings that promise good Tarpon sightings if not action.

As I idled into the basin you could see silver faces in all directions, happy slurping, Poondogies. I slipped the push pole into the edge of the flat and tied off.

Not a long wait, maybe four turns on her spinning reel and a tusker of about
125 lb. was in the air, headshakin, gills rattlin, really pissed Tarpon.

This guy out weigthed her by 30lb but she hung in even when he jumped close to the boat and wetted both of us several times.

When it was all over she stood in front of me, quite a picture, naked except for the fighting belt, and a big grin.

A few months later we were in Davey Florida to see their little rodeo, she had never been to a rodeo before.

We walked in and leaned against the corral just as the chute opened and out sprang a big big bull with a very small cowboy aboard.

In seconds the bull was splitting the fence right in front of us, throwing the cowboy to the ground and stompen all over him.

She looked up at me and said, " jesus, thats just like Tarpon fishing!"