Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My Favorite Key West Fishing Guide

Who is he? well let me start this way.

This is the guy who guided his angler to the first Blue Marlin on fly in Cabo, in the 60's
He pioneered saltwater fly fishing on the wrecks, reefs, flats and backcountry of Key West, Marquesas Keys and Dry Tortugas.

This is the guide mentioned in fishing articles,stories, how to manuals by Stu Apt, Mark Sosin, Lefty Kreh and dozens of other sport fishing writers.
Ask anyone of them in person and they'll remenisce with a chuckle about
this whiskey drinkin, cigar chompin, skinny ol' fishing guide.

Wearing a white shirt, his name on the pocket, Sears blue work pants, back and forth keys guides hat and a big smile evertyday!

You would see him navagating around Key west in his 59 Tbird convertable, rusted to the door handles and back window missing, had to be 50 fishing rods sticking out that back window!

Everybody loved Lefty Regan!
Lefty guided until he was 89 years old, then for a couple years he was the Phluger Taxidermy Rep. I would see him everyday on the Key West Charter boat docks, smiling and laughing at him self for losing his big old Dodge Phluger the parking lot!

Then he was gone from the dock... at home with his wife, who at that point was guiding Lefty.

Last time I saw Lefty was in the grocery store in Key West.I was standing infront of the
popcorn display, staring a the selection, when I felt eyes on me. There he was beside a potato
chip rack pointed in my direction with that glazed Alzheimers stare.

I looked up and said "hey you old Barracuda, you just layin there waiting to strike?"
and after a long look, he whispered......." Chaser"

Everybody loved Lefy Regan................mike