Sunday, April 10, 2005

Kermit err Permit fishing in Key West

Why this guy?

Many fishing and hunting guides can relate to this story, you know, biggest buck you have ever seen.........and your client is Ronald McDonald.

One day, years ago, I started out with a guy who is "best bass man in Arkensaw" off to the Permit flat.I was rigged 8lb test on some stiff graphite spinning rods and had a good stash of
Florida Green crabs in the live well.
I ran west of Key west and came off plane down in the lakes region after a short pole I saw
tails, big tails, three very big black sickle's

" Wow!" look at those tails!.....You see them? ahh yaw....OK OK wait tell I get you a little closer, ........Good put that crab on the big one on the right!......Good cast!

Poo, the smaller one ate it.. Got him? ahh yaw....Ok he's going to run alot just hold on I'll get the motor started!........30 minutes later.

I have him at the boat grab this Sailfish size Permit tail with both hands and he pulls me
almost out of the skiff, up to my waist, ball cap in the bay, wet shirt, sunglasses gone!

I could not hold him..........but wait we're still hooked up...........10 minutes later
I grab him two handed again, hook my knee's under the gunnel and hoist that sucker over!

My god! " Thats the biggest Permit I every saw, mens world record on 8 I'm sure!
If you were ever going to mount a fish that's it mister!"

SOOO we race to the dock, Bob Hare the Taxidermy rep and a long time guide, all the
mates and Captains come down to to at the monster Permit.

Bob Hare started to write up the IGFA forms and gave the guy a price to mount the fish
everyone was excited about a 54+ lb Permit on 8.

Arkensaw asked Bob what the price would be to mount the fish, did the curly shuffle,
exclaimed he was'nt going to pay that kinda money to mount a "Kermit!"

He jumped in his car and left without signing the IGFA form's!

Bob Hare looked at me and asked, "what ya going to do?" I said "I'll Eat Kermit Bob!"

mike chaserkeywest