Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Key West Fly Fishing Report

We are at it again, changing fly lines, sorting through Tarpon fly's and getting
ready for sustained Tarpon Tusker battles that have been ongoing in March and April.

May and Junes Tarpon wars will be even more intense as the migrating schools from central
America, Mexico and the islands south of us, converge on the lower Florida Keys for the annual
love fest.

Most of the spawner Tarpon will be in the 40-80 lb class but the big cows from the gulf will be here to do their share and those Tarpon can grow into the high triple digit numbers, many over
150lbs a few 170's and who knows how many in the 200 lb class, a few anyway.

All Tarpon are a blast on fly rods and the smaller fish can be more acrobatic, having power to jump 8-10 times without the burden of the extra 100lbs to carry skyward.

But there is nothing like that big Brahma Bull like roaring Tusker, snorting fire out of his nostrals and lightning bolts out of his arse.

Softball size angry red eye balls and a stare in your direction as he launches 61/2 feet of iron
plated badness in the air........... gets you out of bed at 4AM!