Sunday, May 01, 2005

Hammerhead Crashes Key West Tarpon Party

Biggest Hammerhead Shark I ever saw!

We were in major Tarpon, the Tarpon were in major panic when thundering across the sand
looking more like a runaway train than a fish and BANG CRASH!
Tarpon scattering 360 like a motorcycle gang running from the crime, some jumping, all shatting themselve's.
I have seen some big sharks in the 35 years I have been fishing in the tropic blue but,
this is the biggest Hammerhead I have ever seen!

My smaller flats skiff is 16 ft long and 6ft wide, this hammerhead was 3+ ft longer than the small planet we were standing on and wider, eye to eye maybe 7 ft.

When he blasted by us 100 ft away after the 60 Tarpon that went by, around and under our skiff at 40mph, his dorsal fin was maybe 30 inches out of the water.

This was a very very scary, wonderful creature but, he missed!

We didnt, earlier we hooked five Tarpon and wow what a day........mike