Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Full Moon over the Key West Flats

Big Tides SUCK!

There I said it, too much water moving too fast.

Fishing can be great during a full moon sequence, low incoming, high falling ok but!

It all happens quickly and the push of fish can go through the area your working in a blurr.

Sometimes a move east or west, north to the Gulf Tides or south side to the flats influenced by the Atlantic Tides will buy some more GOOD fishing time and sometimes it's time to go to the barn!

Yesterday on the falling tide on the Gulf of Mexico flats, we dealt with Full Moon Madness.

Permit up the YANG for an hour and a half then the water, Sting Rays, Crabs, and everybody else went away like the little guy in the " Tidy Bowl " commercial...... WOOOOSH!

Still 6-8 shots and 2 fish caught is a great day but I really enjoy when I have enough time too enjoy the hunt.

Remember the story about the young bull and the old bull standing on the hill overlooking the herd of cows and the young bull says lets hurry and run down and jumpa.............