Saturday, December 12, 2009

Key West Christmas with Barracuda's and Pompano

Almost every year thats what I get from Santa, Barracuda Anglers!

Anglers tossing Tube Lures and Flys at Toofy Wolf like Monsters lying in wait in the shallows.

Motionless until some poor Needle Fish or hopefully one of our offering's
swims by.

Got to laff and Yahooo when a Cuda grabs hold and bends a Weeny Rod double,
screams off 70 yards of 10# test, turns 180 degrees and smokes by the boat leaping and shaking, bearing teeth.

The Barracuda leaps are the reward for a accurate cast.

Diggin out some Silver Babies....Pompano to you, with Mylar jigs on a light spinning outfit or Fly Rod has its own rewards, mainly lots of fun and maybe a great dinner.

Cooler weather brings the guys to the forefront and Xmas ususally supplies.

If its warm we may have to chase a Tarpon....schucks!