Thursday, December 03, 2009

Make up your Mind Mister Weather Man

What is going on, El Nino and it's obvious!

84 degrees and feels like 90 with the SSW wind and the high humidity that come with the salt air coming in from the Atlantic.

Driving up the air and water temps and making us think TARPON WAXING, well jumpimg a few any way.

Permit and Bonefish will be a good possability also on the Key West Flats.

Stalled cold fronts that dont have the punch needed to push out the high pressure.

Oh well, just our cross to bare !

The next few day's will have a few showers around along with the Tarpon option.

We will hold off on any Sea Trout and Pompano Prospecting for a while.

I've got a new Sage 9wt fly rod that needs some exercise....