Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cuda's Hanging for a Christmas Entry

Thursday's morning we ran west looking for a Tarpon Shot. Knowing the foul weather and cold front that was on the way would send them to the Gulf for Xmas.

Three or four spots and only one big Silver Head popping up for a peek, the wind was already in the north and picking up.

After some fun fishing, and laff's in the Jacks and Lady Fish, Blacktip Shark hole we headed for the Skinny Water and the chance for Barracudas in 9 inches of Gin Clear Key West Flats.

Approaching our next spot and shutting off the Mercury, edge of the flat and tying on a Bass Worm to launch with the Weenie Rods.

Steve whisper's " is that what we're looking for? "

OF COURSE we are 10 seconds from ready, six-eight Big Barracuds swiming twards us four feet from the boat they spooked and dove back into the channel.

Understanding that these" Wolf Pack "schools of Barracudas will hold in the deeper water just off the flats where the cooler water holds lots of bait, a few days after the front the turn over of water temps make's the water on the Flats much more inviting to bait fish and Barracudas.

The deeper water is a little too cool for comfort and the Sun heats the skinny Flats water quickly.

Thats when the "Wolf Packs" will slide up and hunt in the shallows.

Up on the Poling Platform and Steve on the bow we push up, skiff about dragging bottom.

Not long until we see a few Toofie's lying in wait, a few bad casts later we have had fun but have not hooked a fish.

Close calls and we start connecting, Steve's first Barracuda is 15-16 lbs. loooog first run and a Marlin jump out 80 yards!

A Blue Gill Rod, Bass Worm and 10lb line, mix it with sight casting in one foot of super clear water.