Saturday, December 26, 2009

Barracudas and Some Pompano Showing Up Gulfside Key West

Barracudas are always fun on a light rod, agressive and lightning quick.

On the flats in the clear shallow water they are harder to fool but much more of fight then the offshore cousins.

Lying in wait they can accelerate from asleep to 45 mph in a heartbeat, striking the baitfish and cutting him in two so fast that the unfortunate Needle Fish swims away from his own ass, not sure what just happened!

Barracudas are a hoot.

The Pompano have started to show up a bit in secret spots....I hope, and a few nice sized fish make some kinda dinner and the fun, pulling like the mini me Permit that they are.

Trout in the backcountry a few Pompano and for jumping wackoness Barracudas make a fun day, dont forget the Jacks and maybe a Cobia cruising behind the Sting Rays!