Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We Can Swim Here in Ol' Key West

Looks Like we better plan on swimming, " Noah? got room for some more monkeys?"

I was bragging about the weather until, about 4 o'clock this morning when the," Hammers of Hell " started firing lightning bolts down the street and Stinky ( our little Jack Russel ) and me shot bolt upright, hairs on end, on both ends!

Stink and I snuck out to the dock so see if the skiff was still floating, all's well.

Raining like a Holstein piss'en on a flat rock, probably 6-7 inches in the last 12 hours.

I may just have to trot over to the Pirate LS for some Navy Black Tar Rhumb.

Plans for Turkey on the Barbe, done it before with a foul weather jacket on, we will be fine.

Crossing fingers and eyes for a good change in the weather for fishing on Friday but iceing the Rhumb anyway.

We can have Turkey Sandwiches...