Saturday, January 23, 2010


Never ever and I don't mean just the last 40 years that I have lived in the Tropical Florida Keys, has there been a cold snap like the mid January 2010 chill!

Seriously, two weeks? records everyday broken.

At the hospital in Key West they were naming babies FROSTY, and SNOW FLAKE and the space heater sales skyrocketed !

Next time I'll open a SOCKS stand on Duval St, to help with the grocery bill.

Iguana's and other Old Fishing Guides fell from the trees dead or mamed.

I went to Akron to warm up and attemp to stabilize my sense's!

Well I'm back and although tens of thousands fishes went into shock and died in the inshore coastal waters of Florida and especially the Florida Keys where, our sub-tropical species were really hit hard.....

The good news is the Sharks, Barracudas, Permit are on or around the Keys Flats in major amounts.

The waters of the Gulf of Mexico remain cooler then the quickly rising temps of the Key West Flats and Backcountry.

Gigantic schools of Permit are everywhere, yesterdays 3 hookups with little effort by untalented anglers and several schools of 70-100 fish staging just off the Flats.

It was all a dream is the mood with temps in the low 80s and blue sky all around.

Glad I got out of AKRON.