Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cocked and Locked in for Key West Winter Fishing

Motorcycling to N.E. Ohio is a bit of a ride from the Florida Keys but 7 or 8 years in a row I've done it up and back, it's the end and beginning of my fishing season.
After battling Tarpon and Permit in the hot May June of Key West, a long Moto ride is quite a change

Sniff ' en the Pecan Groves of South Georgia, Thoroughbred Farms of Kentucky and Corn Fields of Ohio is a nice break from my own sweat and sun block el La Flats O'dur!

Fly fishing for Large Mouth Bass and Blue Gills in the small Ohio Lake/Swamps from my Gheenoe would seem rather tame when comparing that sport to the Saltwater Monsters that have paid my rent for the last 30 years but!

Warm summer evenings, quiet Beavers swimming, White Tail peeking at your last Lily Pad Cast.

Steelhead on the Grand River is Octobers fun, Falls Leaves and Pumpkin Patches and a Hallooooween at the college bars with the Co-eds sloshing beer and breasticle's.

Next day putting the Gheenoe into hibernation and racking the 5 and 7wt fly outfits for their winter sleep.

Firing up the Big Honda Crotch Rocket on a 30 degree November morning and lunching in West Virgina.


A few days later snatching Sea Trout in the basins in the Gulf Flats and looking forward to the fun fishing that starts with the Cold Front that pushed me and the Honda south.

Hi Honey I'm Home!