Thursday, November 19, 2009

Falling in Love With Key West Fall Fishing

Back in Key West two weeks now and have already spent most of the time fishing the Key West Gulf Flats , some time on the Atlantic side and in the western Lakes.

Fishing with my Ol' pal Capy. Todd Bowen wack'en our way around the Mangroves sniff''en out a big Grey Snapper for a Crispy Fried Fish lunch.

The weather has been super this week with light winds and 78-80 degree highs, low humidity, this is the most comfortable time of year to fish the Backcountry.

Fishing Yesterday with my good friend Charley Cook from Wall Street/Squam Lake along with his son Chas, we scared 25-30 Permit right out of their.. scales!

Charley and I share a great pal and famous frog hunter , Jim Cloud an escapee of " the Street" and Tarpon Fly Poler with three decades of tracking down Big Poons and force feeding them feathers.

Cloud has been mentioned several times before in these pages and Charley Cook is famous for capturing one of the biggest Bone fish ever caught down in the Marquesas.

I saw it and am sure he cheated but can't figure out how!

Charley, Chas and I will be back out again tomorrow assaulting the Snipe Keys and Turkey Basin and enjoying the laughs that swim there.