Saturday, July 08, 2006

Summer Flats Fishing Key West Style

After the May, June Tarpon Fest it's time to get back to some Permit and Bonefishing.

The Permit have returned from the spring spawn in the deeper reef and rock piles.
They are showing up in greater number in the skinny water and the Bonefish are also around with greater regularity.

We're shifting over to a early morning peek for rolling Tarpon and when the sun gets up a bit, sniffing around on the flats for Permit and Bonefish.

Working early and getting off the water by mid afternoon keeps it fun without burning your eyeballs out searching for fish that have escaped the late afternoon hot water.

Evening Tarpon will still be very productive all through the summer, with the right tides.

A few days ago, I had one of those days, hooking 11 or 12 Permit and landing 10 with the biggest over 28lbs.

Funny how some days you wish you could land one Permit and the odd day when you don't want another!