Thursday, July 20, 2006

July Key West Flats Fishing

The Tarpon and Permit fishing has been really good for me in July.

Yesterday we found a Guppy Hatch and dozens of hungry Tarpon taking advantage of the falling tide to chow down.
Guppy Hatch's are really just a timing issue,stronger tides pulling glass minnows off the flats to a drop off, edge of a channel or basin.

The Tarpon and sometimes Permit will slide in during the hatch far as they can dragging their belly's in the grass to grab a tasty treat.
You'll see alot of surface action and a small Minnow Flys will produce great
exploding strikes.

Gergler Flys creating a surface wake will bring Tarpon Faces out of the water to suck in the tempting treats also.

Yesterday we jumped eight Tarpon, many were in the 80 lb range with one around 50 lbs. and one Big Tusker of over 150 lbs.

These are the mornings we ol' Tarpon Fags live for.