Thursday, July 20, 2006

How To Hire a Key West Fishing Guide part Three

Apparently I upset someone when I suggested that it was not a good idea to book a $500 fishing trip with an "outfitter" that owned three of four skiffs and hired hourly workers to drive you around to the six or eight SPOTS that the boss showed them.

I'll tell you first that more than a few of my new customers that fished with me in the last few months have commented that they had read my earlier posts on this subject and asked a few questions while looking for a Key West fishing guide.

The answers they recieved when they knew what questions to ask, led them to me or another professional and they avoided the bait and switch.

You have to understand that I was the kid with fishing rods and shot guns in the trunk of the 62 Chevy.

Many of the fine fishing guides of the Lower Florida Keys dont have three or four fancy web site's and a bank of operators ready to take your credit card number.

Anyway this is what happened, I got a call a few weeks ago from someone looking for the job " Fishing Guide Wanted No Experience Necessary Start Today" seems some one put this ad in the local paper with my phone number....ha

I thought it was funny but, better than that I realised that the fellow that took the time to go to the newspaper office and give a false name, pay cash for the ad has a very short Dick!...and I know who it is.

Funny stuff.....As I said before in my Key West Fishing Blog. ( check Archives! }

If I am booked you will get a few names and phone numbers of REAL Key West fishing guides at no cost to him or you.

Hell, even if I'm not booked but, you dont want to fish with an crusty old guide, I'll give you some phone numbers.