Thursday, July 20, 2006

Feeding Barracuda Tarpon?

Not exactly..... a few weeks ago fly fishing for Tarpon on the Key West Atlantic side flats.

We were having a fairly good morning with a couple of "Trout lift" mistakes and hoping all the patient...kinda patient, instruction from the fishing guide would finely result in a Tarpon hook up at least getting us to the next phase, losing the fish on the first jump! Ha

After a few more shots and refusals we got our chance in the least likely way, a last second back cast at a Tarpon that had just snuck up on us from behind.

Ten feet from the boat a 60lber grabbed the Cockroach Fly over a sand hole and jumped,
tail walked away, just as this happened, right infront of us a 5lb Barracuda raced out of the same sand hole and bit the flyline/butt section knot cutting our Tarpon loose!

As we watched the Tarpon celebrating his freedom by jumping down the flat,
the baby Barracuda that was stopped in his tracks with a puzzeled look on his face, all we could do was laugh!

It was a good day, good laugh.