Monday, January 23, 2006

Key West Cobia's and Cudas

Every year Peg and Gerry Fye send me the same e-mail....Green Tube Lures....

They are nuts for Barracudas on the Key West winter flats. The last two days we have been wacken away at the Cudas with lots of misses, catches and laughs as these shallow water Toofy's provide lots of fun.

The jumps are really something, with no where to go in one foot of water the Cudas go airborne,
changing direction at 40 mph and if they dont over run the line and bite off the 10lb line will keep you very stiches.

We also landed two Cobias today, on was following a sting ray across the flat and Gerry tossed a tube lure to him, off to the races and 10 mins. later we turned him loose.

Peg hooked one of a group of three and he shook off at the boat a few mins. later.

Peg's biggest Barracuda won the contest, she usually does!

After a evening of putting my homemade tubes together, I'm ready for bed and our Barracuda
battle in the morning.