Thursday, January 05, 2006

Oop's Three More Tarpon

Today started slow, could not find the Tarpon in the same place that we did the two days previous.

We sniffed around and tossed a few jigs hoping to see a Tarpon roll but, other than a few Lizard fish and Lane Snappers, that was it.

Now you see them, now you dont!

I ran a mile and started to look in the next spot..........nada.

Good thing I gave it some more time , up comes Silver Boy, a short time later we were hooked up to a frisky 50lber.

First time luck for Tom and he landed the fish inspite of a few foopaws, a fifty pound Tarpon on 12lb test is a handfull, two handfulls.

A while later Mike Jumped a 80 lb fish but didnt bow and he was gone.

Thirty mins. later Mike hooked a good 65 lber and off we went, this time we made it through the jumps and I grabbed the leader after a lot of Wahoo's and Getum's

Some good photos at the boat and Mr. Tarpon went away pissed but, healthy and we went to the Barn.

Great morning and fun guy's