Friday, January 13, 2006

More Tarpon, Cuda's and Cobia

Summer like week pull's out the Tarpoon's

We are having another week of really great weather, cool nights, ...not too.

Temps in the day time close to 80 degrees and not a lot of wind but, the full moon keeps most of the Permit off the flats, we found them in the rivers and deeper flats edges.

A few Cobia are on the flat however and some 20lbers are sniffen around the back side of sting rays.

The Tarpon have slid in several places and early morning jumping Tarpon is always a thing of beauty.

My ol' pals the Fye's are due in this week and if the Barracudas are not snapping, I'll be getting hell from Peg.

Gerry and Peg have been fishing with me for 15-16 years and always the big push is for Barracudas, Barracudas, Barracudas.

Two years ago we were in a warm snap in mid Febuary and the Cudas were not very frisky, we
"had to resort to Tarpon fishing.

Ofcourse Peg hook's one of Monsters, I have hooked and lost and boated a fair amount of over 175 lb Tarpon.

Pegs Tarpon was bigger and he ate the plug 20 feet from the boat then, shaking his head, nostrals flarred and farting hand grenades, he fired the plug back at Peg, he was gone!

At the top of her lungs "Mother XXXXER, thank god he's gone!"

I about fell off the platform and Gerry was in stiches.........That's Peg!

Next morning Gerry shows but no Peg, she didn't want any more Monsters.