Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Key West Tarpon Fishing A GO-GO

"Calling all Tarpon"......Let's get it on!

Now we are ready for the big tusker's, the waters warming up and the winds are sucken in the sticky air from down south that, brings the big boys out of the Gulf.

My fly fishing guy's are waxing their 12 wt's and putting on new lines, the spinning rod anglers are ready to spring with braided line and super sharp circle hooks.

The late winter fishing for Cobias, Pompano and Baracuda is begining to slow up a bit as Permit fishing and Tarpon fist fights become the daily objective.

Winter is probably over in Key West, maybe ? a few small cool fronts left.

I always look forward to my Tarpon army, the same guys show up every year, helmets on, swords drawn, Advil and Gator Aid at hand.........show them a big Tarpon doin the "Jelly Roll"
and watch their eye's pop out of their heads.

Some of these Tarpon nuts have been with me for over 20 years and measure time in Tarpon seasons, the same way we all use holidays, birthdays and marrage anniversaries.

"Remember the year I caught the 160 lber on fly?" Ya wasn't the same year you were in the plane crash? " Yes I guess your right, I had a cast on my hand ...... I forgot about that!"

Tarpon Fags.........thats what we are.........most wives don't understand.

( don't mean to offend anyone.......honey!)