Saturday, April 04, 2009

Springing Into Tarpon Key West

We Have had a few flashes of Tarpon action during February , March and that's not unusual but, NOW we're getting serious.

Maybe the cool fronts are over for the year, I doubt it but , Spring/Summer is here for sure and the Local Tarpon are beginning to be a daily look see, if not the main objective.

I have had some tremendous night fishing on Spin/Plug tackle and Fly.

I always get cranked about Tarpon even after what may be several thousand hooked over the years, on all tackle!

The other night we jumped 7 Tarpon on a new Secret plug, nut's for it they waz..

Probably the most Personally connected to a Tarpon (or any gamefish for that matter) you can be is hooking and fighting a fish on Fly Tackle.

Making a cast, retrieving and hand setting the hook by pulling on the flyline, takes you closer to " hand to fin combat " than any other method of sport angling.

Don't get me wrong, a Tarpon on light tackle of any kind is a blast everyone should try!

They are here NOW , in our showroom for your inspection.......