Saturday, April 04, 2009

Great Big Deal SHARK FISHING tournament Key West

WOW this is really something you should experience, a reel sporting event that every outdoorsmen/women should witness.


OK here's how it's done, take notes, you want a Shark Trophy and a hat and T-shirt dont you?

#1 Kill alot of Barracudas for bait.

Dont worry the commercial Shark Fin Fisherman kill thousands of Barracudas for bait in South Florida and the Florida Keys and Dry Tortugas every year.

Shark Fin Soup ya know! " Fin's sent to Japan "

So thats thousands of Barracudas and thousands of Sharks, guess that's the balance of nature

OK #2 you need a boat or, you can hire a SHARK EXPERT GUIDE... ya that's a good idea because he knows the secret spots and he also knows the secret bait!!

YA Barracudas are killed for the sporting event , dozens .....But the real pros KNOW that a Shark goes bonkers for ............chopped into chunks, bloody and smelly, really dead.


That to me is dismantling a..... Stradivarius to build a Ukulele sad