Friday, April 10, 2009

Key West Tarpon Tango/ Shrimp Stomp

Fly fishing for Tarpon is one of those activities that once you have done it with some success, you just know it will be part of your annual agenda for life.

Think about that statement for a few seconds, Grand Canyon OK , saw it! Indy 500 Race , cool, once was enough, Aunt Margret's tits, great but.

A big Ol ' Tarpon with his head out of the water , eye balls straining to spot his feathery target and the subsequent hard grab at the fly line in your hand.....Sweet Jesus !

The other night was one of those - 3 days before full moon , sunset a large Red Ball hang'in over the western view and almost hissing sound as the Red Ball disappears into the Gulf.

No wind, just the HUP - POP sound of Tarpon sucking shrimp from the surface on a falling tide...

Staked in 3 feet on the flats west of Key West, they're all around us.

Waiting in the din for the closer, 11 o'clock shot and finely making a back cast at 3 o'clock because you can't wait, why should you, you've been here before - many tides .

In seconds a - one long pull after the Black Toad Fly hits the water, he's on!

The big Moon is up now, silvering the Tarpon when......... all ten jump.

Two hours later and 7 Tarpon Heads touched, 3 more jumped, all loved, every wild ass one of them.

Rocketing home in the glass slick calm of Midnight after touching the heads of kings.